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Assetto Corsa * The Highlands circuit

Paul Ad
Some shots from "The Highlands" circuit: the 488 GTB is definetely one of my favourite "road" cars: lot of power, great feeling and handling: setting off the traction control turns it in a joy machine. As you can see, this track layout has been designed to allow you to enjoy also this kind of cars at their very best.
  1. Alistair McKinley
    Alistair McKinley
    Isn't it illegal to steal or re-upload videos?
    You could have linked to Kunos' original video.
    Edit: Have you asked Kunos?
    There is nothing new or - at least - a commentary in your video.
    You just re-uploaded Kunos' trailer - that's pretty lame.
    Edit: Ich habe Dir auf Deinem YouTube-Kanal auf Deutsch geschrieben.

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