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Assetto Corsa: The AI are getting better.

Michael Hornbuckle
Using the Mustang GT, I start last behind 23 AI at Brands Hatch Indy. Before v1.5 I could pretty easily get a podium finish, even after only five laps. Not now.
  1. Kurupt CDN
    Kurupt CDN
    good to see your not getting punted or rammed by the ai, asides from that it looked like a train line of follow the leader as the ai all followed the same line, no passing attempts and once you got to within a certain distance the ai would make way for you to pass with no blocking attempt....could have been due to the track?
  2. Michael Hornbuckle
    Michael Hornbuckle
    they still take the optimal line going into the final turn, which leaves the bottom wide open. When they are forced to the outside, because of a divebomb there, they do give up too easily still. My best lap was two tenths slower than the fastest AI so they have much better speed now; they were really slow in heavy street cars pre v1.5.x

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