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Assetto Corsa | Sportscar Battle at Jerez: Alfa Romeo vs. BMW

Ian Navarro
Great comparison between the BMW M4 Akrapovic and the Alfa Romeo Giulia Q.V both on Street Tyres, ABS ON and TCS OFF, there were no changes on the setup on any of the cars to avoid changing the dynamics of the cars.

In my opinion the BMW M4 feels more like a race car compared to the Alfa Romeo, both have a lot of power and torque which put your habilities into compromise at some point as you can see in the video.

The Alfa has more understeery nature when entering the corner mostly because of the weight distribution in the front. In the mid corner is quiet good balanced, you can feel understeer either oversteer depending on your inputs, but makes it a really fun car to drive.

The BMW is more direct with the inputs given, feels less weighty in the front, which makes easier to make the front of the car turn. The mid corner is very solid, providing you with great stability unless you floor the pedal, in which case both turbos will start whistling and oversteer will get you.

I'd say in both the laptimes could be improved under 2:05 but as both laps are more or less decent it was more than enough to get the comparison between them.

Final result: DRAW!!

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