Assetto Corsa SKIN MOD HD

Presentation of some skins on which I work.

The skin Fiat 500 Rally French available here:!5wtGnYLJ!DyA8VTdOcuFlv7YWA35wu4Z6q-ll12MCKHhSuJWIuV8
To install unzip the file in:
:\Assetto Corsa\content\cars\abarth500_s1

Likes and subscribes for more DL contents.

Présentation de quelques skins sur lesquelles je bosse.

La skin Fiat 500 French Rally dispo ici:!5wtGnYLJ!DyA8VTdOcuFlv7YWA35wu4Z6q-ll12MCKHhSuJWIuV8
Pour l'intaller decompressez le fichier dans :
:\Assetto Corsa\content\cars\abarth500_s1

Separate names with a comma.

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