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Assetto Corsa | Shelby Cobra 427 S/C | Nordschleife VR lap on board

Assetto Corsa VR Shelby Cobra 427 S/C. A casual lap in VR around the Nords with the Shelby Cobra 427 S/C. Pro settings. No assists of course. I really enjoyed this car. This is probably my third lap in the car ever. I love the raw animal of this beast. You want to put your foot down but you can't. Reservation is required when driving this car much like the Lotus 49. Let me know if you would like me to upload a race with this beast.
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  2. bsmooth
    Nice drive, I have a tough time with this car on any track. The sound just wants to make you stomp on it, and If you do you'll find yourself in all sorts of trouble.
  3. JDhindsight
    Thanks bsmooth, and you’re absolutely right. I have to tell myself to “slow down” when I’m in it.
  4. ghostshades
    Yeah I love that car too. It's an untamed, raw beast that actively wants to kill you!

    I posted this one when I started simracing about a year ago when I just got Assetto. Forgive me for not letting that ford 427 sing alone, and now I cant hear that song without the growling v8. Just sub 9 so not that great but I just started simracing then ;)
  5. JDhindsight
    Nice one ghostshades. The ghost car is appropriate to you name. . I couldn’t tell you how fast that lap was, it was like a Sunday drive lap. So not on any leaderboards. I’ve been Sim Racing off and on for around 10 + years. Assetto just the last couple of months I guess. I’m coming over from iRacing which I just don’t have the time for anymore, and Assetto is filling that gap.
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    Nicely done, not an easy drive. Excellent mind to HP control, I too have an issue of keeping my foot out of it at the proper time. Great video, looking forward to more!
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  7. ghostshades
  8. JDhindsight
    Thanks DKGORACE. I’ve posted a few vids. Many more to come. Here’s a WR lap with the F317 Dallara at Nordschleife. [MEDIA=youtube]4Pw9cQkURmY[/MEDIA]

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