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ASSETTO CORSA RSS Tornado Vortex Ferruccio55 GT MOD

M D Gourley
Assetto Corsa RSS Tornado, Vortex and Ferruccio 55 GT mod from Race Sim Studio is a top shelf mod that looks fantastic, drives well and sounds absolutely amazing...rivaling Racerooms audio (only my opinion) They are a handful to drive well and will take some skill and practice to tame them...Highly Recommended.
  1. patrod78
    Too bad they didn't enabled the the H-shift in drivetrain.ini, as those cars were 6 speed manual IRL.
    M D Gourley likes this.
  2. M D Gourley
    M D Gourley
    100% agree...I did leave a comment on their website saying that, but no answer.
  3. patrod78
    After checking, the three cars had seq shift at some point, the viper had first a manual gearbox, then seq, So, finally it seems pretty right.

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