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Henri Sinik
Car: BMW Z4 GT3
Wheel I used: Logitech G27.
This game was played on high settings and without assists.
  1. Shaun Clarke
    Shaun Clarke
    Can you name all the apps you are using, they look really usefull
  2. Fritz Anker
    Fritz Anker
    Yes, please. They look great. there *any* way to get rid of the pins? Or is that just a prob with 3rd party apps?
  3. Henri Sinik
  4. Henri Sinik
  5. Henri Sinik
  6. Henri Sinik
    Henri Sinik
    @Fritz Anker I haven't found a way how to remove those pins yet.
    Fritz Anker likes this.
  7. Akis
    Henri you have a very distinct driving style, I'd want to watch you driving on camera!
  8. Henri Sinik
    Henri Sinik
    @Akis Might think about it :p

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