Assetto Corsa | RaceSimStudio | Formula Hybrid 2017 S1 | China | 1.33,952

Today i´ll try the other F1 2017 MOD at china.
This time it is the Formula Hybrid MOD by Race Sim Studio which is the MOD with the better physics and the car handles so much more like a real car and it feels pretty good to me.
Specially Turn 1 is a dream with this car. So much Speed, so much Grip! unbelievable!
You really need to try it on your own to know what i´m talking about!

I used the SUPERsoft for this run, so do compare your time with the right compound! The ULTRAsofts are 8 tenths quicker round here!
Keep that in mind please
Homepage from RaceSimStudio

My setup:

Give it a try and let me know what you think :D

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