Assetto Corsa - Project Carmen Overcast Mod "It's like driving through modded Skyrim"

Testing out GTAce's Project Carmen visual enhancer mod with a cruise run on the most beautiful mod track released for AC so far.

Running with everything maxed at 21:9 ultrawide resolution of 3440x1440p, locked to 60fps. Can run the game while not recording at a stable 90fps capped on my system (running crossfire HD7970 Matrix cards at 1300MHz OC) but had to reduce the cap to 60 for a stable recording session with no annoying dips. Don't know why the video came out a bit stuttery as it was not like that when I was driving, seems as if fraps does not like capturing this game.

Driving with all assists off, pedal indicator on the bottom left to show heel and toe in effect. Track condition set to dusty, because it is a snowy mountain road so would not expect it to be grippy at all.

Haven't uploaded at full size and 60fps because my upload speed is shite and as it is now the video size is just plain massive. It looks much better in person, youtube compression totally destroys the quality. :|

Mods used in this video -
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