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Assetto Corsa: Opel Manta 400 Group B @ Peyregrosse - Mandagout

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  2. Nobkins
    Love the way you take those hairpins. Nice work.
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  3. Ben Scullion
    Ben Scullion
    Cheers! Probably the easiest RWD car to control in all of AC imo
  4. Nobkins
    I don't have AC and did not realise it could do (or has mods for) rallying. Do you get pace notes? Is this a mod or part of the game? Thanks.
  5. Ben Scullion
    Ben Scullion
    The car and track mods were downloaded from here http://http://notworking.url/
    I think there's pacenote mods available too but I remembered some of this stage form RBR and I learned the rest. Alot of the mods are also posted here on RD and on the AC website.
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