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Assetto Corsa on consoles: what could be, but it´s not.

01:00 Lack of Customization: HUD, camera views, button assignment, etc.
02:58 Graphics: FPS drops, motion blur, lighting.
05:20 AI: If you have played you know what I mean ;-)
06:51 Rules and Presentation: penalties, transition between sessions, track limits...
10:53 Multiplayer: poor online structure, no changes in the available combos.

There´s no denying Assetto Corsa is the best driving experience right now if you´re stuck with a console. By a country mile too. But as a racing game it fails big time. There´s a lot of work to do to change that too, it´s not just one little detail.

This video is sort of a list of all the issues that have frustrated me on the time I have spent playing this game. Let me know if I missed something!
  1. Blimey
    everyone knows that Kunos lied to the console plebs "it will be exactly the same as on PC"...yeah right.
    Dyrgl likes this.
  2. Dyrgl
    Well there was stuff we were ready to miss like mods, but getting an entirely different product was something else.

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