Assetto Corsa Nordschleife Challenge Teaser


Alongside the Top Gear Challenge on my second channel MegaHDPlayTV I also planned to do a second series on Assetto Corsa together with the Nordschleife on my "main channel" MegaRacingHD. Logically the series will be named Nordschleife Challenge then.
The idea is to test different cars for Assetto Corsa on the Nordschleife to compare their performances between each other but also against the reallife performance (possible, because the Nordschleife is laserscanned so should be quite accurate to the reallife track).

The first car which will take part in the series will be the BMW M4. The video will be uploaded today or tomorrow and I will do a challenge every week or every second week (not sure because my time is limited sometimes). If you like you can comment on Youtube/Facebook what car you would like to see next. Note: I will only test cars which are not illegal ripped converts out of other games. Only cars which are downloadable in the official Assetto Corsa forums will take place in the challenge.

I hope you guys will like the idea !

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