Assetto Corsa :: Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 (Dream Pack) :: Nordschleife :: Vs AI

Steve Bird
Pesky AI had me off around Schwalbenschwanz didn't he? Anyway, this video was recorded during my quick racing wind down from a crap day at work. A few cock ups but generally not bad. I'm sure there are many "Internet Pros (Wannabes)" out there that would tear me another backside with their "Poor Driving skills" comment but I don't pretend to be anything but an ex UK Rotax Max and 100 Clubman karter of 20 years who gave it all up in 2004 due to karting losing the "racing on a shoestring" mentality. When it all went belly up with transponders and 10's of thousands of pound a year to be competitive it was time to retire from the sport. Nowadays I drive online and its cheap as chips and you don't end up bending yourself or hurting anyone when you have an off.......bonus!
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