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Assetto Corsa | *NEW* hypercar McLaren P1 on laser scanned RING | Fanatec V2 Formula Carbon

Well well well, new Nürburgring Nordschleife which just came with 1.1 Assetto update is new holy grail. Snoopy's was already good,
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but that laser scanned + detailed surroundings in ultra is mindblowing. 3 layouts with full 24h ADAC path makes me scream ;) Huge thanks Kunos. P1 with active DRS drives like hell, 6:25 with ease. I need to get used to driving with camera in front of my face. Only reason i spun ;)

Fanatec...thats whole new world, pedals are quite similar to Elite version, just more robust. But V2 base send back my Thrust TX to retire!

Assetto Corsa [RC 1.1]
Game is in final version, but still has a list "to do".
i7 + EVGA GTX780Ti SC 2way SLI [OC]
Settings: [ULTRA]
Screens: 3xLCD 32" [LG LN5400]
Mobile dashboard: [SinSpeed app]
Record: GO PRO 3+ BLACK
Input device: [Fanatec Clubsport V2 + Formula Carbon + CS Pedals V2]
Driving model: [PRO]
Car setup: [stock]
AI [100%]
Track [best]

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