Assetto Corsa Nardo 400mph Test Runs

James Moran
As a bit of fun while I work on a Topgear nordschleife transit van :) I set myself a weekend project to make custom physics files for a crazy twin turbo open wheeler. Nearly a week and many hours later I present the footage from the first 400mph test run...

For the quick testing I borrowed a model and sounds therefore in its current state I will NOT be releasing it! That is unless someone wants to make a custom superseries style model and I will make the sounds/physics? )


Custom Suspension with estimated lengths and setup from limited F1 data,
Front wing, Double Diffusers, Dual Level Rear wings modelled with combined downforce of over 3000kg.
Hard tyre profile partially modded (its driving me mad) to account for the extra mph.

750hp @ 17500rpm ( without boost. estimated 1199.54 with boost)
350Nm @14750rpm (without boost. 2030Nm @14750rpm with 2 stage boost)

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