Assetto Corsa Multiplayer: SLS GT3 vs 458 GT2

Sun Levi
Last laps battle for the lead in a random public server!
  1. SwaggerJacker
    How did you get that interior view at that angle? What file did you edit. It looks great. I can get the view by using f6 i believe, but not at that depth.

  2. Sun Levi
    Sun Levi
    Go the the Main AC folder then System > cgf then look for "camera_onboard_free" open that then look for "SPHERICAL_COORDS=1" Change the 1 to 0 after this in the game press F5 then move the camera around with WASD :)
  3. SwaggerJacker
    Cool, now is this just for replays?
    BTW, I've watched some of your races. Hats off to you.
  4. Sun Levi
    Sun Levi
    This will work at any time, during both gameplay and replays! :)
  5. SwaggerJacker

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