Assetto Corsa MP - Fiat 500 S1 at Blackwood (highlights)

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  1. Grzesiek Zabielski
    Grzesiek Zabielski
    You do not use the clutch?

    Nice video
  2. Akis
    I use it (check my other vids on youtube where I include a pedal camera like this one but the replay does not record the clutch position.
  3. Grzesiek Zabielski
    Grzesiek Zabielski
    thanks for the answer :)
  4. Olly Stevenson
    Olly Stevenson
    Great battle! @Stelios Fevgatos did very good defending, taking inside line made it difficult to pass, but lap 14 you got just enough room to take the optimal line and get ahead :)

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