Assetto Corsa | Mercedes @ Spa

Falko Renner
The setup is not perfect yet, but already feels really stable.
  1. Maximiliano
    I love your driving style: smooth, like you are one with your car. Seems to be that it does what you ask it to do. Also, the steering wheel of that car is gorgeous (I've never seen it before because I play without the virtual steering wheel haha). Nice lap and thanks for sharing the video!
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  2. Bernd Graf
    Bernd Graf
    Set-up share? I hope they don't change the car's physics too much, it's substantially faster right now than any of the other GT3s, but so nicely balanced and sorted.
  3. Mitja Bonca
    Mitja Bonca
    Nice lap. Friend of mine did 2.17.8 I saw his records, and I didn't try it yet (but I did 2.17.1 in McLaren)
  4. Simon Roberts
    Simon Roberts
    Nice driving, just wish was not split screen, kind of looks strange.
  5. Daniel Smissen

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