Assetto Corsa | Mercedes AMG GT3 at Paul Ricard

Don Rudi
Blancpain Sprint race featuring 10 laps at Paul Ricard in the Mercedes-AMG GT3.
AI was running at 90%
  1. Isaac Chavira
    Isaac Chavira
    Where did you get all those skins and that Jaguar GT3?
  2. Isaac Chavira
    Isaac Chavira
    And that AM Vantage GT3?
  3. Don Rudi
    Don Rudi
    The skins are all here from the download section on Racedepartment (the Jaguar and Gallardo skin being by myself :) )
    As direct links are not allowed:
    The Jaguar is the GT2 model by RTM Shop (costs around 5 dollars). Just search on Google for 'assetto corsa mods jaguar gt2' and it is the first hit. I replaceded the GT2 engine with the AC default BMW Z4 GT3 engine using the AC Car Tuner (available here in the downloads). You see in the video that the Jag now is nicely BOPed in the GT3 field.
  4. Don Rudi
    Don Rudi
    The AM Vantage is a free mod by Assetto Garage. There is a site called assetto-db that has the direct link.

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