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Assetto Corsa: Mercedes-AMG F1 W08 // Autodromo Nazionale Monza

  1. pepe29 likes this.
  2. gingermillsy
    Which Mod is This ? Looks and sounds great.
  3. Kjell81d
    It's ACFL 2017.
  4. Monstro
    never oversteer, never counter steer, ACFL seems very arcade...
    Vrc modding is far better.
  5. pepe29
    Oh really! and you deduce this on the faith of a video of which we do not know under what conditions it was realized (Assist or not, track temp, selected tires) and maybe he knows how to set his car!
    Also this is not a full attack lap, it can dofar better.
    I did 1.19.414 on US on a track at 31°C without assistance.
    No ones is better than the other, there's only differents ways to mod this kind of cars and the most important is everybodies can have fun with VRC, RSS, ACFL and so on.
  6. pepe29
    Oh by the way, nice vid and nice lap Kjell
  7. Kjell81d
    It was abs/tc off, ultrasoft tyres and I think the track temp was 21c. I rarely bother with the temperature. I had engine breaking set a little high, which is why I'm so slow through the chicanes.

    Monstro, does VRC have a 2017 mod out? All I've seen recently was the FW37. I have RSS too but ACFL has the different body styles, which is nice.
  8. pepe29
    Nope, VRC has'nt.
  9. Monstro
    i was talking about physics models, it "seems" arcadish for an abs/tc off compare with SFH70 from Kunos or the FW37 from vrc.
    it is just my opinion and feelings, i haven't tried the car, i'm agree.
    don't feel offended, there's no reason.
  10. pepe29
    I'm not offended just worried about comments only based on "feelings" and if you want to see oversteer check the last vid on ACFLMODDING ACFL youtube channel (ACFL CONTROL S SENNA VR OCULUS FUN DRIVE)

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