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Assetto Corsa - Mclaren MP4/6 - Nürburgring - 1080P 60FPS

Join me for a Lap at Nürburgring GP

Game : Assetto Corsa
Car : ASR Mclaren MP4/6
Track : Nürburgring GP
Wheel : Fanatec Wheelbase V2 // Formula Rim
Pedals : Fanatec CSP V1


Intel Core i5 4460
Palit GTX 1060 - 6GB
Windows 10 - 64 Bit
  1. Andrew Harper and Insert Coin like this.
  2. Andrew Harper
    Andrew Harper
    Nice to see Gerhard getting some screen time :)

    Love the ASR cars, lovely work.
    Patrick.B likes this.
  3. Patrick.B
    love these Mods ! hope your like the video Quality
    Andrew Harper likes this.
  4. Andrew Harper
    Andrew Harper
    Yeah, looks great. Nice work :)

    A shame that ASR never ported over the '92 F1 mod. Would have looked amazing on AC but I can live with RF2, lol :)

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