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Assetto Corsa - Maserati Levante - Red Bull Ring

Jason Palmer
kunos have just updated Assetto Corsa with a new build bringing it up to v1.7.

So i thought i would check out the new build and check out some of the recently updated features such as v10 tyre model and the improved AI.

I wanted to try the new Red Bull Ring track from the Red Pack DLC which has also just been released to compare it to the modded version i used in the last Assetto Corsa video, but i will try the new cars in another video.

I went for some thing a little different as i thought a big road car would show up the heat build up of the new v10 tyre model so i picked the massive Maserati Levante SUV !

First up the tyres and AI.

Well yes over heating the tyres does have an impact and with my rather harsh driving style soon warming up those tyres and bringing on loads of under steer but once i backed off a touch it soon brought about a new found confidence that the front end would now stick. To me this felt about right and very predictable and am now very interested in trying out a v10 tyre model race car.

The AI did seem to be more aware of both their location to each other and with me and even just doing a quick race with no practice or qualifying i had some great close racing and never felt like they were about to do some thing stupid either in front or behind me.

As for the new track, its very well done with some nice touches that does just give it the nod over the user created one i have been using. I think its the road surface textures that gave it the edge for me.

To find Assetto Corsa and the new Red Pack DLC on Steam check out this link - http://store.steampowered.com/app/244210/

And to find out about the v1.7 build please check out our new article covering it - http://www.pitlanes.com/assetto-corsa-v17-new-dlc-now-live/

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