Assetto Corsa - IER Oreca LMPC 5 lap race @ Bathurst (60fps test)

A quick run over the mountain in the wonderful Oreca LMPC racer released alongside the updated Coyote DP 'Vette by the IER modding group making the TUSCC series for AC. Hella fun to drive, insane braking performance, takes a while to get used to as you can brake a lot later than you think you can and get away with it. A quick 5 lap race with 100% AI, track surface set to green hence the slipperiness and sliding about, no assists as usual. This is a trial run to see how the 60fps thing of youtube works. Verdict - Totally in my top 5 race cars released for AC. Disclaimer - I'm pretty terrible with high downforce cars.

Link to the IER modding group website for download -

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