Assetto Corsa how to drift, Mr Deap's edition

Mr Deap
~Beginner level handbrake drift~
  1. Thiagus The EcletckGamer
    Thiagus The EcletckGamer
    Thanks for the video, I'm struggling a lot to do some drift but probably it cuz my wheel has only 240 degrees... (Momo), And I'm using the clutch kick(gear reductions) to turn, but its almost impossible to keep drifting without steering range.
  2. Mr Deap
    Mr Deap
    I watched a couple of video on youtube, but it's definitely different from the handbrake drift.

    What you see on most video are power oversteer & about throttle control. Not really something as basic as this one, which is explained.

    Once you are able handle the handbrake drift correctly, the rest is quite easy.
  3. decipher
    recently switched from forza 3/4 over to AC with a new ffb wheel. in theory i know a lot about drifting, but i suck at executing it :) your video gave me some helpful tips and ideas. thanks! goodjob
  4. Mr Deap

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