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Assetto Corsa - GT2 Fun Run at Silverstone [EDTracker Head-Tracking 1440p60fps]

Such Head Tracking... Very Helmet cam mod... Much Immersion... Wow.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

More EDTracker testing so pardon the crap driving, too busy looking around like a twat. :p

Mods used :
- Natural Graphics Mod
- VisorX Helmet Cam
- EDTracker Pro for head tracking
  1. Rivanov
    Are you running single screen? Looks very good!!
  2. Torcano
    I run triples, but when recording I only use one monitor. :)
  3. Lino Carreira
    Lino Carreira
    Very nice video m8 :)
  4. Torcano
    Thanks Lino. ^-^

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