Assetto Corsa: GT Race at Silverstone

Fred Locklear
This is a race edit of a wonderful 25 lap race around Silverstone. A little bit of paint swapping, but good driving and lots of respece from the other drivers. I qualified 6th, worked my way up to 2nd, but then lost it it Maggots-Becketts. My race came to an end on the last lap when I lag warped back into a car behind me :(....bummer
  1. Sun Levi likes this.
  2. Angelo dos Santos
    Angelo dos Santos
    Very nice video Fred! Lots of action going on.
    Happy to be part of it!!
  3. Fred Locklear
    Fred Locklear
    Thx, I was surprised I could keep up since I hate the M3 GT2 :)

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