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Assetto Corsa - Formula Hybrid 2019 at Bahrain - 1:28.750 - Hotlap and Setup in Description

Captain Condescending
*I cheated slightly* - DRS Zones are not set up on this track, and so I only used DRS where they use it IRL, except I guessed wrong for the new 3rd zone. I used it on the back straight, but it should be after turn 2. I also activated DRS slightly early at the end of the lap.

I'm nowhere near a good enough driver to do a really quick time in this car, but here's my attempt at a qualifying lap of Bahrain. I set the track and air temperatures, as well as the wind to be as it was in this afternoon's qualifying. Setup was very hastily thrown together, so it ain't perfect, but if you want it here it is:

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