Jason Palmer
If you watched my last video about Assetto Corsa with little Abarth then you will know i mentioned that when everything in AC clicks then this sim is something else, well guess what happened yep everything clicked with this combination.

I went back to testing the GT3 cars again but still had no luck getting some clean races in so i loaded up the new Ford Escort RS 1600 along with the laser scanned Brands Hatch GP track from the newly released Dream Pack 3 running on version 1.4 of AC and set out on to the track.

I had the AI set to 100% the track to green and my Fanatec shifter in H pattern mode and from the very first corner i knew i had hit on a winning combination as the car dipped into the corner under braking unsettling the rear, then i was able to steer the car out of the corner using the throttle to control the rear end slide and all while surrounded by a field of 20 cars without so much as a silly move from any of them, result a smile as big as a kid on Christmas morning !

That was lord know how many hours ago and i am still loving this car and track combination and had many close and exciting races with the AI as i power slide my way around Brands.

So please if you like an exciting sim racing challenge why not take this car out for a spin yourself and see if brings a smile to your face as it did for me and in fact with 50% off AC in the Steam sale you will be smiling before you even load this sim up !

To find out more about the new version of Assetto Corsa and Dream Pack 3 please check out the news story on
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  2. Dan Allen
    Dan Allen
    I absolutely love this car! Can't wait to get my PC fixed and try it for myself
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