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Assetto Corsa | First Raw Multiplayer Footage | Unedited

Wojciech Swirydowicz
RacinGameShow [ RGS ] Presents:

This is raw footage from multiplayer session in Early Access (ver 0.9.1) of Assetto Corsa by Kunos Simulazioni.

You can clearly see multiplayer is far from completion and we'll have to wait a bit longer to see quality expected. Just to clarify, my ping to the server was around 75ms and other guys was 24ms and despite this low pings it lacked the fluidity needed for good experience. However it 's fully playable and can be enjoyed while we wait for it get finished.

Keep in mind that graphics settings are set to low as I use triple screen and in this video you can see only middle one.
  1. Bartolo
    I just bought AC today. I joined iracing in Nobember 2013. I am extremely time limited and can
    practice only around 1-2 hours per week.
    For some reason I enjoy AC more than iracing and am glad I bought it. The sounds are more immersive and the under/oversteer are more realistic, so the wait for better stuff will be a pleasure. Maybe some day I'll be decent enough to do multiplayer with racers of your skills. You certainly are one good AC racer!

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