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Assetto Corsa: Ferrari F300 - Episode 88

I really REALLY love F1 cars and this week there is a real beauty here with the Ferrari F300 with Virtua Simulazioni!

Mods Used:
Ferrari F300 - http://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/virtua-simulazioni-ferrari-f300-v1-1-1998-ferrari-f1.23493/

F1 Leaderboard:
Ferrari F2002 - 1:33.985
Ferrari F248 - 1:34.877
Ferrari SF15T - 1:36.293
Williams FW31 - 1:38.130
Ferrari F1 Concept - 1:38.713
Mercedes W06 - 1:39.932
Ferrari F300 - 1:40.731

These times will change as I try the cars again and again to give a more representative laptime. More cars will also appear on this list as I try more out.

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