Assetto Corsa | Emil Frey Jaguar GT3 at Paul Ricard

Don Rudi
Taking my fresh Blancpain Emil Frey Jaguar GT3 for a first test drive at Paul Ricard.
The car is a payware mod by Assettocorsa Mods and depicts the GT2 variant. I changed the engine to the AC default BMW Z4 to retain a V8, the performance is now pretty much en par with the other GT3 cars in the game.
I found an Emil Frey Racing skin on Racedepartment, but somehow I wasn't satisfied with it, so I started to adapt a few minor things. In the end, all that remained from the original skin was the base color :)
Originally intended as a pure AI car to fill my Blancpain grid, this car ow drives so well, that I will certainly use it myself from time to time.
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  2. Andrew Harper
    Andrew Harper
    Nice to see the Jaguar reproduced. Like you say though it's about 90% GT2 car visually which is a shame. The rear wing has been changed to the GT3 car but most of the bodywork is the Apex car. I only know as I have a little 1/43 Emil Frey car on my desk! lol. Thanks for the video though will have a look at the site later. Hopefully a more accurate car will appear soon :)
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  3. Don Rudi
    Don Rudi
    I asked them about a GT3 version, but did not get an answer. To my knowledge the Emil Frey G3s are the only GT3 spec Jaguars, so I fear we need a real enthusiast to reproduce one :( I saw the Jaguars live at last years Spa 24h and they are among the best looking cars on the grid.
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