Assetto Corsa - Dorsch GT4 (Preview Edition)- Red Bull Ring

Jason Palmer
The modding team over at Assetto 991 released a preview edition of their latest car for Assetto Corsa the Dorsch GT4 Cup car, also know as the Porsche Cayman GT4 Club car apparently !!!!

Now although this is not a finished mod with some Shaders, 3D Parts and Textures still to finish this car drives and sounds great.

I had a great battle around the Red Bull Ring with 15 other GT4's and even at this early stage frames rates for such a large grid were fine.

The default setup had a touch to much understeer for my liking but a quick basic fiddle in the setup menu got the car to where i was very happy with it.

The Dorsch GT4 has been scratch built form the ground up using custom sounds as well.

The finished version should be out soon after kunos release v1.7 of Assetto Corsa as the dev team want to incorporate as many of the new features this update will bring to this sim.

To find out more about this car check out their FaceBook page -

And to buy this preview edition car follow this link -

The Track can be found here -

And lastly Assetto Corsa can be found on Steam here -

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