NEW Boss in town.Test @ Nürburgring
  1. Ernest Aubert
    Ernest Aubert
    This has been the car I'd most like to see in AC since I learned of its existence. How was this done? I'd pay a handsome sum to get that car in AC.
  2. Steve Bird
    Steve Bird
  3. zorrogsi
  4. bruno4tunato
    how is the driving like? I mean, the handling and stuff
  5. Ernest Aubert
    Ernest Aubert
    It's not bad, but not particularly exciting. It doesn't oversteer as much as a 911, but it's nowhere near as fast. At that approximate level, the Lotus Evora GTC is much faster and more satisfying. I think it would make a really fun street car in real life, but frankly, there are too many other cars in AC that are way superior.
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