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Assetto Corsa | BTCC 1999 | Nissan Primera | Brands Hatch Indy | 49,978

After quite a while i watched some old BTCC and German STW Reviews and this reminds me to the good old TOCA and TOCA 2 Touring cars time :D
Back in the 90's, on a PS1 racing my heart out with real touring cars :)
Thanks to Patrik Marek for this awesome MOD which helped me to get this feeling again and this is even better!!
This MOD is fantastic! Epic sound, epic handling and after you get used to the FWD fantastic to drive!
Rolling deep on the fastlane :D
MOD could be found here:
I drive with a T500RS wheel and without any assists at all.
For the lap i used the standart setup and only changed the fuelload and the tyres. I messed up the second sector where i lost arround 2 tenths but my target was to get into the 49's which i done :)
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