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Assetto Corsa BMW 2002 Turbo

Orlando Lima
Download : https://mega.nz/#!j0ZQxKrR!0iYa2ktv60m3Uc9dizFtk7LNEk2uG5p67TzL1LEMthA

S3R1U5 Site : http://s3r1us.wix.com/acmods
  1. Max Lupfer
    Max Lupfer
    Is there a way i could get just the CAD file of this car. I own one myself and i don't want to pay 3Dcadbrowser 120$ for it. Im embarking on a plan to turn my worn out 2002 into a group 5 racer like the old Schnitzer car from 77 but with modern technology and i need an accurate enough CAD model to do aero development with it. Thanks.


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