Assetto Corsa: Alfa Romeo GTA - Krajiska Zmija Hillclimb Attack!

Game: Assetto Corsa
Car: Alfa Romeo GTA
Track: Krajiska Zmija Hillclimb
Game Device: G27 + Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals
No assist to drive
Driving with manual clutch and H shifter

A lot of fun here, I was not thinking about the lap time, just enjoying the superb Alfa GTA, imho one of the best sim car ever!
The track is realized really well, congratulations to the modder!

Ps. Initially I was going to post the video with the classic "gopro" view, but unfortunately it has recorded bad so I opted for this solution, I hope you like it :)
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  2. TobiasR
    Nice drifting. Your rig is amazing.
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  3. baronesbc
    Thank you! but you can see my rig in other my videos, not in this. I have done something different here.
    what you see is a recording with onboard view taken from the replay, so with the graphics of the game, to which I have overlayed the real steering wheel, from a recording with the gopro :)
  4. brooptss
    Nice video, great driving. I like what you did with the wheel overlay, interesting!! Looks like a great combo, must definitely give this a go.
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  5. TobiasR
    oh, so that's what it is. Looks really cool anyway.
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