Assetto Corsa * ACL Trans AM v1.2 [RELEASED + DOWNLOAD]

Paul Ad
Released AC Trans Am Legends 1.2

Game: Assetto Corsa v1.13.2 (64bit)
Car: AC Trans Am Legends v1.2
Track: Riverside Nascar

Change log:
- Revised sounds (different sounds for Chevy, Ford and Mopar engines)
- Higher revving 302 engine (limiter @ 7500, short time overrevving to 8000rpm is possible)
- The 302 engine has relative less low rpm torque, keep it in the revs or clutch it out of slow corners
- Taller final drive ratio's for higher topspeed, use a slipping clutch at start
- Fixed some suspension errors
- Revised suspension for Challenger, Camaro, Cougar (all suited with live rear axle and "leaf springs" now)
- All cars have faster steering racks now
- Aero balancing

Enjoy and may the downforce be with you!

Smallblock Hero (models, physics) & Bazza (physics)


me @
Oculus: Paul_a.D.
Origin: therealPaulaD PaulaD #21711
raptr: hawkb1ackbird
  1. Stig Bidstrup
    Stig Bidstrup
    Thank You is my favorite mod for this game at the moment,
    but it was a big problem on many tracks with that Rew limiter,
    hope it's fixed now, I like that you really can feel the weight of these cars ( handling )
    Paul Ad likes this.

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