Assetto Corsa | ACFL F1 2017 MOD | Red Bull RB13 | China | 1.33,477

It´s raceweek!!!!
let´s compare the beautifull F1 2017 MOD by ACFL against the real F1 shall we?
Can a Red Bull set a 33,4 in the real Qualifing tomorow?
I hope so :D

You can try it on your own with my Setup which could be found below

I used the SUPERsoft for this run, so do compare your time with the right compound! The ULTRAsofts are 8 tenths quicker round here!
Keep that in mind please

Give it a try and let me know what you think :D

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get the MOD here:

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  1. Paul Ad
    Paul Ad
    M41k_R likes this.
  2. M41k_R
    Good job. Maybe i will drive on the server in the future. Seems good to compare some times ;)
  3. Paul Ad
    Paul Ad
    i have just 10 rounds for the first test on track ^^
  4. M41k_R
    Well i haven't that much more :D
    And T1 was pretty poor too and with some serious setup work there should be much time to gain ;)

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