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Assetto Corsa | ACFL 2018 Hotlap Shanghai 1:30:897

This is series I plan to do every weekend where I try to beat the pole time form that weekend's Grand Prix in the car it was set (how original!). The first half of the season will be done on Assetto Corsa and the rest on F1 2018 (if it is out by then).

Car: www.acfligue.fr

Track: http://assettocorsa.club/mods/tracks/shanghai-international-circuit.html#en
  1. fvdheide1963
    why are you changing from Assetto Corsa to F1 2018? is F1 2018 better?
  2. Apex
    F1 2018 will be more accurate as it is the official game
  3. fvdheide1963
    ah ok, thanks. Do you know if F1 2018 will be playable in VR?

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