Assetto Corsa 3xLCD RING experience with Pininfarina P4/5

AC ver [0.1]
Nurburgring [by snoopy 0.7.0]
i7 + EVGA GTX780Ti SC 2way SLI [OC]
Settings [ULTRA]
Screens 3xLCD 32" [LG LN5400]
Input device [Fanatec CSR]
One of the best ride you can actually get in computer sim gaming.
Unique Ferrari Enzo rebuild by Pininfarina for Mr. Glickenhaus in 1960's style result in absolutely astonishing P4/5 project.
Taking it to this track is sth special for every gearhead.

Track, car, force feedback works so well i can clearly feel my stomach floating up and down in every elevation changes. Hope You enjoy it as i do.

Track mod download at

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