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Assetto Corsa 1.9 (1996 Ferrari F333 SP 1.9)

GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1070 G1 Gaming
Corsair 32GB KIT DDR3 2400MHz CL11 Vengeance Pro Red
Intel Core i7-3770K Acer UHD4K2K
  1. Andrew Harper likes this.
  2. kmanitou81
    If it doesn't make your ears bleed, it's not a true 333. Good job.
    Andrew Harper likes this.
  3. Andrew Harper
    Andrew Harper
    Yep, one of my favourite race cars, lovely sound and very pretty too! lol
  4. tferrell
    Where is this car available? I didn't see it in the downloads section...
  5. kmanitou81
    Probably a Forza rip.
  6. Radek1972
  7. tferrell
    Too bad...I was hoping it was scratch built...
  8. Andrew Harper
    Andrew Harper
    Probably not considered worthy enough by modders for a scratch build but if URD are reading this... please feel free :) Will probably enjoy a few laps anyway :) Thanks for the link.

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