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AMSbeta - Montreal 1988 - F1 Classic (new Turbo model) - 110% AI race

JO Simracing
Turbo Model

On the physics front, the long overdue turbo model is finally due to arrive in v1.4.9 - that means turbo engines like in F-Truck, F-Classic, Metalmoro MR18, Mini and Lancers will be much more accurate to their real life counterparts.
The crazy F-Classic version Niels is testing here has 4.0 bar boost pressure allowed by the rules in the mid-80s, however the actual F-Classic based on the 88 season will be limited to 1.5 max so it should be a bit more sane than this!

For those willing to experiment with insanity though we will keep the boost adjustable up to 4.0 in the initial Beta version due to be deployed in AMS Beta some time this next week. For release the 1.5 cap will be set as per the rules but mods will still be able to experiment with different physics. In the future we might explore the turbo insanity a bit further ourselves.
More here: https://forum.reizastudios.com/threads/automobilista-october-2017-development-update.2718/

In this video I used 1.9... Anything more was impossible to master without much more practice I could afford.

It's a shame the beta has a bug and the top 3 cars failed to finish the race just when I was getting there...

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