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AMS - Johannesburg/Kyalami - Maserati 250F (beta) - 110% AI race

Jose Ortiz
Great WIP from @GTSpeedster on the Maserati 250F for Automobilista.
Download latest version for this car in GTSpeedster channel:

The 250F first raced in the 1954 Argentine Grand Prix where Juan Manuel Fangio won the first of his two victories before he left for the new Mercedes-Benz team. Fangio won the 1954 Drivers' World Championship, with points gained with both Maserati and Mercedes-Benz; Stirling Moss raced his own privately owned 250F for the full 1954 season.

In 1955 a 5-speed gearbox; SU fuel injection (240 bhp) and Dunlop disc brakes were introduced. Jean Behra drove this in a five-member works team which included Luigi Musso.

More on the Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maserati_250F
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