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AMS - Imola 72 - Auto Union AG (1937 GP mod) - 105% AI race

Jose Ortiz
Master piece mod by Team Vintage:
Just wow!

Auto Union
Only a few modifications were done to the succesful type C car, with its monstrous 6 liter engine. The concept of placing the engine behind the driver and also locating the fuel tank in the center position gave this car a very different behavior than the more traditional designs of the time. It was a very powerful car but also a difficult one to drive. It was a very physical car that demanded to stay on top fo it at all times. If the drivers weren't careful in pushing the tires they could get themselves into a lot of trouble.

The brilliant Bernd Rosemeyer was their start driver along with Hans Stuck and Luigi Fagioi as main drivers supported by Rudolf Hasse, Ernst von Delius and the late addition of Achille Varzi.

The roar of its engine is just a mere warning of the power and attitude of this wonderful machine. Great acceleration from and engine that was designed to give good torque at lower engine speed.

Do not hesitate in downloading and enjoying this!
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