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AMS - Ibarra (Yahuarcocha) - Formula 3 - 105% AI race

Jose Ortiz
Learning Reiza's latest track (Ibarra) with the Formula 3: Yahuarcocha (pronounced Yaw-ara-kocha) is the history of motorsport in Ecuador. The country's only circuit and now a permanent venue, it has been the centre of racing action since its earliest days. Once the host of international sportscar races such as the Marlboro 12 Hours of 1971, today it holds numerous regional and national championships.

The circuit's origins began in the early 1960s with races organised on the streets of Ibarra by the local drivers and mechanics union, which proved hugely popular with people coming from across the Imbabura region to watch. It was after one of these races that friends José Idrovo and Luis Vaca Negrete found themselves on the hillside overlooking the Yahuarcocha lake, pondering how motorsports could be given a more permanent footing. A road around its perimeter seemed to offer possibilities - the major stumbling block being that it didn't yet exist!
More here: http://racingcircuits.info/south-america/ecuador/yahuarcocha.html#.WazbRrLythE
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