AMS - Brands Hatch - Brazilian Touring Car Classics (Passat) - 105% AI race

Jose Ortiz
Brazilian Touring Car Classics brings several "oldies" to Automobilista, featuring some of the cars that have made history in brazilian touring cars through the decades. This DLC includes 4 models (Fusca, Gol, Passat, Uno), spread over 4 unique series: Copa Classic - a modern mixed class series from southern Brazil running classic machines; DLC will feature Fusca, Passat, Gol and Uno with the specs these various cars run in the series. Copa Fusca - a modern series from southern Brazil for Fusca (Beetle) enthusiasts. Copa Uno - based on popular 1990s brazilian Formula Uno series, with the street car stripped down to the basics. Hot Cars - brazilian TC series from early 1980s derivative of the previous Divisão 3 from 70s, featuring seriously tuned up versions of these classic cars. DLC will feature Fusca, Passat and Gol.

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