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Amazing First Race - iRacing Spec Racer Ford Challenge - Daytona Short - VR

Sharpy Bonfire
iRacing Spec Racer Ford Challenge
2018 Season 1 - Week 8/12
Daytona circa 2007 - Short
iRacing - Windows Mixed Reality VR

There is a incident report in the end of the video!

Testing different iRacing series took a shot at Spec Racer Ford Challenge this time.

Seems like it is not that common practice that I actually did my homework and went to iRacing forums to read about the car and driving tactics and also did train the car and track combo couple race lengths to make sure I am not terribly out of pace or going to run out of track every lap...

And it seemed to pay out pretty well, including pole and fastest lap. Of course I can only blame myself about what happened late it race but I hope that pain will be my gain and I might remember not to do something like that again...

About the incident with car number 5, I think I was so much ahead I had right to my racing line and he had enough room on my left side to it was not case of me ramming him into wall. He probably judged the distance from left wall wrong and thought he could not go more to left and therefore we had some contact which escalated to harder contact. As they say - racing incident.


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