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AC V8SCorsa Mod :: Bathhurst :: Track IR

Steve Bird
A few laps in an AI race with the AC V8SCorsa mod and Track IR. I love it....apart from the AI braking.

If you want the mod (V2) you can get it from http://v8scorsa.weebly.com/
  1. M D Gourley likes this.
  2. M D Gourley
    M D Gourley
    Great Video...thanks for sharing the link...promptly downloading
  3. Steve Bird
    Steve Bird
    Good man. Its awesome slamming the power in and the back end stepping out :) Enjoy!
    M D Gourley likes this.
  4. M D Gourley
    M D Gourley
    Just realised I did not have Bathurst in AC...will have to get that as well

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