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AC - Spa - Ferrari 312T - online race 2

JO Simracing
Tremendous race yesterday at Spa with the Ferrari 312T. This is the second of two races I did in the server and with the help of Giuliano Buzzi that gave me advice on the setup of the car after the first race. He still had much better pace and, as we were discussing over the qualy setup settings, we both started from the back (sort of)...
Giuliano was unbelievably fast (he set the faster ever time on the server in the previous race at 2:16:x!) and he was catching. I didn't fight therefore much when he approached me the first time... But, as always, races end when you cross the line and you must always believe... I did!
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  2. Lentoveloz
    I recommend to all who have something to learn about virtual piloting. You will see all the details of the piloting.
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  3. JO Simracing
    JO Simracing
    Thanks Lentoveloz. Glad you enjoyed it. It was terrific fun!

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