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AC - Spa - Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale - online race

JO Simracing
Fantastic race at Spa with the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale. It was obvious that V8 and guidru had a different level and pace. But I managed to clinch a position I wasn't expecting. Perseverance till the end should be a must in all races ;)
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  2. Hanzaleski
    guidru is awesome. Sometimes I manage to keep pace with some cars or tracks, but usually I am first, then he appears from back and keeps dissapearing :)
    Respect and of course your video and driving also very nice!
    PS: Yes, keep fighting to the end, do not give up if you get turned out to grass. And most important is not the fastest lap, but enough fast consistent laps and mainly patience. Not rush the start is also usually a big win at the end, especially in public races...
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  3. JO Simracing
    JO Simracing
    Good advice Hanzaleski. Hope to see you on track sometime. All the best.
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